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Innovative Pocket-Sized Device Prevents Vaccine Loss with Hassle-free Monitoring

When it comes to stocking public health vaccines, clinics bear a considerable burden with respect to temperature-safe storage. Introducing FridgeSentry.ca, a hassle-free, active monitoring service for easy, effective, and inexpensive Vaccine Storage compliance. Early-adopters in Ontario clinics are already loving it - find out why Dr. Doug Kavanagh in Toronto says "FridgeSentry has given us peace of mind with easy monitoring and automatic notifications. Now we know that our vaccines are safe, even during the holidays when no one is in to check on them."

Vaccine Storage guidelines require clinics to keep a diligent log for their fridge, with twice-daily temperature recordings in an archaic paper-based log book. Besides being inconvenient and time-consuming, manually tracked information is neither timely nor adequate for decision making. Refrigerator temperatures can enter unsafe ranges for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, risks such as doors left ajar, compressor or thermostat variability, and power outages (both short and extended) are not uncommon. With temperature samples taken only twice a day, brief or inconsequential temperature breaches cannot be distinguished from longer breaches which results in the decision to discard thousands of dollars in vaccines. Furthermore, in the event of an anomaly no opportunity is afforded to rescue the fridge contents or correct the cause in time to prevent losses. Despite laborious effort and expense, many circumstances will lead to vaccines being spoiled unnecessarily. Fortunately, the tiny cloud-enabled device by FridgeSentry.ca solves these problems with its hassle-free, active monitoring service.

The technology industry is abuzz about the Internet of Things (or IoT) - an interconnected network of "smart" devices and services enabled by the ubiquity of the Internet and the ever-shrinking size and cost of embedded computers. The FridgeSentry.ca solution is a pocket-sized device combined with a robust and secure Internet service. The device continuously monitors the temperature of any fridge, and sends that data to FridgeSentry.ca's internet service. In the event of an alarm, staff can be alerted via text-message and email. All recorded data is presented via the web, making it available from any computer or smartphone, by any number of pre-authorized staff. The device has its own built-in buzzer alarm to alert nearby staff of problems.

In addition to its alert and monitoring functionality, the FridgeSentry is designed to be maintenance-free. Powered by AC as well as a rechargeable battery backup, you never need to worry about changing batteries. Unlike data-loggers that often require specific desktop software and device updates, the FridgeSentry device receives any necessary software updates automatically over-the-air, and requires no desktop software to update. Being wireless, there are no computer cables to connect.

Like a home alarm system for your Vaccine Storage, FridgeSentry.ca is hassle-free, protects your inventory, and provides the piece of mind that comes from active monitoring and rich data.

For more information, please visit the FridgeSentry.ca website. You may also reach FridgeSentry.ca by email at info@fridgesentry.ca or by phone at 226.791.7063



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