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Testimonials & Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is our commitment to you

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy.  We are constantly monitoring our team’s performance in its interactions with our customers.  The way we do this is by tracking Customer Satisfaction in real time using a Net CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Score which you can see posted above.  At the end of each support interaction we send a brief survey asking our clients to rate their satisfaction with our team’s response and provide us with their feedback.

The Net CSAT Score gives us an overall picture of how well our team is doing, based on how many positive, neutral, and negative reviews we  receive. It’s calculated like this:

Percent Positive Reviews - Percent Negative Reviews = Net CSAT Score

If you are wondering why it's not just a percentage of positive reviews, consider this example:

Two companies both receive 100 reviews. Company A receives 95 positive and 5 neutral, and Company B receives 95 positive and 5 negative. Company A's Net CSAT Score would be 95 while Company B's would be 90.  Both companies received the same number of positive reviews but clearly Company A is doing better than Company B. So the net CSAT Score is weighted to reflect the difference between neutral and negative reviews.

As a benchmark, any score above 80 is considered outstanding.  We are proud to be averaging CSAT scores in the mid 90’s!

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