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BlueBird Monthly Support Plans For Health Care Organizations

​Our BlueBird Monthly Support Plans allow you to have your own IT department at your disposal at a fraction of the cost!  A technician is only a phone call away and if needed, at your door for an emergency!

Why use a BlueBird Monthly Support Plan?

The majority of IT support providers work on a pay as-you-go model.  This means you will be charged for all the time a technician has spent troubleshooting your issue whether it is resolved or not.  If an issue keeps recurring, guess what?  You will most likely have to pay full rate again for the additional hours they are there.  A lucrative deal for the technician but not for your bank account!  


Our monthly support plans offer you unlimited access to our help desk and a flat rate for onsite visits no matter how many hours we spend at your site.  This means if we do not fix your problem quickly we end up absorbing the cost, not you.  For BlueBird to be successful we need to minimize your computer issues.  It is in in the best interest for both parties to resolve problems fast and effectively.  This is a  WIN-WIN situation for both you and BlueBird!

Why Choose BlueBird Over “Generic” IT Companies? 

There are a lot of great IT companies out there, yet only a handful specialize in Healthcare. Even fewer have BlueBird’s experience and know-how in dealing with medical practice issues, supporting thousands of healthcare professionals Canada-wide. We have helped hundreds of clinics set up their computer network infrastructure across all EMR platforms.  It is this experience that sets BlueBird apart.

Most important of all, we treat each clinic we support as if it was our own business.  We are very mindful and cognizant of the needs of your clinic(s), your budget, and especially the stress of dealing with the health and wellbeing of your patients.  Our philosophy and approach to the health care profession is what has made BlueBird IT Solutions Inc the most recommended IT support company in the field!

BlueBird Monthly Support Plans Offer ...


Unlimited Help Desk Support – Peace of mind . . . call us without having to worry how much it will cost you.  It’s all included in your monthly support plan!

Flat Rate Onsite Support – We solve over 90% of issues remotely when you call us.  If we must come onsite, you only pay a flat rate fee no matter how long we stay, whether it’s  1 hour or 8!  

24/7 Proactive Network, Server & Computer Monitoring – It makes more sense to prevent an incident than to repair damage already caused.  We continuously monitor your network, servers & computers to minimize unexpected failures and outages.

Security Monitoring – Our latest antivirus software continuously monitors all your computers & servers to minimize any security threats.

Security Notifications & Tips – Regular updates on how to stay protected and tips on best practices.  

Automatic Updates and Patches – We keep your software and hardware up to date applying the latest vendor updates to your systems thus maximizing their performance and security.

Remote Access Setup – Never loose contact with your patients!  We can set you up to work from home, on the road, or anywhere else in the world!  

Hardware Procurement Discounts – Our volume purchasing power gives you access to extraordinary savings on computer hardware & peripherals!  

Call us today for a complimentary consultation @ 888.930.9933
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