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Myth vs Reality: The Importance of your Firewall

Myth: "I do not need a firewall. My EMR is in the cloud."
Reality: In today’s internet driven world where you are constantly online for work, a firewall is a critical component to your digital security. So, if you are wondering whether you still need a firewall when using a cloud solution to run your medical practice, the answer is yes.

With so many medical clinics moving to cloud (ASP) EMR solutions, it is logical for practitioners to question the need of a firewall (or further security measures) in their network setup. It is a common misconception that having your EMR in the cloud is enough to keep your data secure

While your data may be secure at the cloud, there are other ways for your network to be compromised. Hackers look for the path of least resistance, a vulnerable, unprotected setup, that they can infiltrate with minimum effort. An example is the use of a keyloger, an insidious form of spyware, that tracks your activity on your keyboard. This piece of malware allows criminals to easily steal your passwords, including the one you use to access your cloud EMR solution. They can even go a step further: they have ways to hijack you camera and microphone. From there they can then record and download your virtual consultations with your patients. Imagine the damage they can do once they get access to your patient medical records! A firewall can add a significant barrier to such attempts.

Today’s Online Work Environment

No matter how big or small your medical practice is, you and your staff are accessing the internet to perform various work tasks. Whether you are downloading files, sending-receiving email and faxes, or just browsing the internet, there are numerous touch points that are not properly secured that can allow malware to infect your computer network. While part of your practice is resting in a relatively secure cloud location, the devices you use to connect to it are not protected. This is a huge vulnerability, and this is where a firewall can offer the additional protection you need.

Working Remotely

The pandemic has made remote work a new reality for many. This has introduced another layer of complexity and security. Using a firewall, you can enable your staff to securely access your network from outside.

Make it a Managed Firewall

Firewalls are great security devices but plugging them into a network alone will not do much. To make use of all their security features to properly protect your network and keep the “bad guys” out, they need to be properly setup, managed, and maintained. This can be a time-consuming task for an untrained professional. A firewall is a critical piece of a holistic, layered approach to securing your health care practice.

Luckily for you, BlueBird has a team of security experts that cover the administration, monitoring, and maintenance of your firewalls in a clinical environment. We provide cost-effective IT security, management, monitoring, and maintenance that is proactive and comprehensive. No aspect of your IT is left out as we deploy protective protocols across each layer of your IT environment.

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