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Computer Network Design


Today’s computer networks are a lot more than just computers, servers, and printers connected to each other.  If not properly designed and implemented they can become an obstacle in your day to day work. 


We specialize building networks exclusively for health care organizations so we have come to know your needs and expectations of what must be done to get you working in the least amount of time and within budget.  But we do not stop there.  When asked to design a network we start by assessing how you work and start our design from there.  Our goal is not to change the way you work but rather help do your work better and faster.


Whether you are setting up a new network to host an EMR solution or upgrading your existing IT infrastructure we can help you:


  • Choose on the best equipment to use for your practice and EMR solution

  • Control network costs through our procurement services and optimized network design

  • Design a secure environment for your data

  • Build a scalable network than can grow as your practice grows

  • Offer support to make sure your network is always running at it optimal levels

  • VPN setup so you can remotely access your office no matter where you are

  • Secure wireless network design

  • Select a solution to store the personal records of your patients

  • And much more 


"Patients are your priority.  Let your IT needs be ours!"


Would you like more information about or support plans?  


Give us a call today at  888.930.9933 

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