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ONE Mail Agreements Required by October 31, 2015

eHealth Ontario is transitioning OntarioMD ONE Mail (i.e., email accounts to accounts. To continue to access the emails in your current mailbox, you must sign a ONE Mail Direct Service for Individual Physicians Agreement with eHealth Ontario.

eHealth Ontario will be shutting down the Exchange 2003 service, which is no longer supported, on November 1, 2015. Once that happens, you will not be able to log in to your account through, your mailbox will be disabled, and you will not have access to your emails.

Please download the Agreement (Word), or the PDF version of the Agreement, scan and email it back to eHealth Ontario at, or fax it to 416-586-9399. Please mark the fax cover sheet or top of the document to the attention of ONE Mail. Please keep a copy of the ONE Mail Agreement for your records.

**Please be advised that eHealth Ontario does not currently accept electronic/digital signatures.**

Once the Agreement has been signed, eHealth Ontario will create a ONE ID login account that provides your identity management and authentication for the ONE Mail Service. (Physicians with a current ONE ID account will have that account matched to their new ONE Mail Direct mailbox). Physicians will receive an email notification with their ONE ID account information. The first time you log in with your ONE ID Credential, you will be prompted to review and accept eHealth Ontario's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

eHealth Ontario will create a new mailbox with the domain. Your mailbox will be added to this new mailbox to preserve all existing email.

If you need more information on ONE Mail, or if you are sending your Agreement in after October 31, 2015, please contact eHealth Ontario at

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