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Thank you for your assistance!

We want to thank all our clients who have taken the time to respond to our recent email request to confirm and submit your clinic’s contacts so that we can enter them in our new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). If you have not had the chance to complete the form we mailed, please take the time to do so and return it back to us. If you have not received one or misfiled the original email request with the attachment you can download a copy by clicking here.

Here at BlueBird we are working hard in the background to improve the service we provide to you. Our new CRM will enable us to improve the speed and efficiency in which we handle your support as well as procurement requests. Some parts of this CRM will be working in the background so some of it features may be invisible to you. An example will be the automated assignment of a ticket to your clinic based on the email addresses of your clinic’s contacts which you have provided us with.

One of the exiting new features which will be coming up in a few months as part of our new CRM is our new customer portal. You will be able to login to a secure portal where with a couple of clicks of your mouse you will be able to review the statuses of submitted tickets, enter new tickets, review invoices, receive recommendations, review reports on the performance of your network (for those of you who have signed up for our managed virus scan and monitoring services), and more.

Please stay tuned for more updates of our new services coming your way in the coming months.

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