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Thank you for your support!

The past month has been one of the most challenging ones for BlueBird. We understand that both you and our staff are stressed and on edge. As we continue to support you during these challenging times, we want to take the opportunity to thank you for the positive feedback you have been sending us through our closed ticket notifications! We are grateful for letting us know that despite all that is going on, our team is still able to assist and resolve your issues in an efficient, courteous and professional matter.

We also like to thank those of our clients who are looking after our techs when we visit your clinics by providing us with masks, sanitizing the areas where we have to work, and some of you even going to the extent to close your clinic for us to be able to work safely.

We also want to express our gratitude for your understanding that we are limiting our onsites for emergencies only. The health of our clients and techs is our top priority. Staying healthy will allow us to continue continue to support you, so that you in turn you can continue to support the wellbeing of our communities. We consider as emergencies any situations that equipment failure will not allow your clinic to be fully operational to treat patients ie firewall is down and you cannot access your EMR.

One of the important Customer Satisfaction metrics we track every month is positive vs neutral vs negative feedback from our clients. This is known as the Net CSAT Score. The Net CSAT Score is a single number that gives us an overall picture of how well we are doing, based on how many positive and negative reviews we have received. It’s calculated like this: Percent Positive Reviews - Percent Negative Reviews = Net CSAT Score. Despite the sharp increase of support calls this month (over twice the normal call volume) our Net CSAT score is at 94.3% (96% positive – 1.7% negative) which is well above industry average! Actually we are at the top of the range!

Lastly, we would like to share with you some of the many wonderful comments we have received this month from our clients. Please keep them coming! They are the best morale booster we can get! And please remember, if we do not meet your expectations keep letting is know! It is the only way we can get better at serving you!

· March 26 - " Prompt response; my concern was addressed immediately My system is up am running Thank you Zack!”

· March 25 – “Quick and fantastic service; as always. Thank you!”

· March 24 – “Rupesh was amazing. He has persevered all day and been a massive help resolving an issue that others have not been able to. Can’t thank him enough for his patience and professionalism. Please pass on my thanks”

· March 23 – “Very helpful staff! Especially during this busy and stressful time!”

· March 23 – “Very efficient, especially with the COVID -19. Still fixed the problem in less than 5 mins”

· March 23 - “Blue bird technicians always deliver in such a courteous and professional manner. Fast and effective in resolving the issues concerned. Thank you”

· March 17 - quick easy--thank you--helped ease my stress”

· March 14 - “I spoke with Nick yesterday and he set up another email address. I find Nick very helpful and very patient as I my computer skills are not good at all. I thank Nick for being so understanding when I speak with him. Thanks to Nick for making my experience so pleasant”

On behalf of the entire BlueBird team, once again, a big thank you for your support!

Your BlueBird Team

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