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Free Workshop for BlueBird Clients: Team Coaching

The Lifted Leadership Club is a three month think tank of likeminded healthcare managers who want to develop Team Coaching skills in an experiential, peer-based environment led by a Professional Team Coach.

As a BlueBird partner, BizShrink is offering a free virtual workshop to BlueBird IT clients on the topic of: Team coaching to build your authentic high empathy - high accountability

leadership style.


  • Understand the difference between Management and Coaching. Learn why coaching is the foremost process to deploy in conflict and planning.

  • How to achieve a new High Empathy-High Accountability leadership style and not fall back on old learned behaviors.

  • How Team Coaching flips the top reasons people leave jobs: too much workload, lack of recognition, lack of career advancement and broken commitments.

  • Conflict Resolution Strategy - Say YES to the person and NO to the ask. Session problem solving role play: "What should I say when someone asks to work from home, and I can't grant the request?"

For more information on the seminar, registration and work shop dates you can download the workshop brochure by clicking on the link below.

BlueBird Intro to Team Coaching Workshop (003)
Download PDF • 1.16MB

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