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New BlueBird Monthly Support Reports Beta Testing

During the past year BlueBird has invested a significant amount of capital and resources in developing our back-end infrastructure used to monitor, maintain, and support your computer network. As part of these upgrades we can now offer you our new detailed Monthly Reports on the activities performed by BlueBird as part of your monthly support contract. At this time, we have chosen a limited number of clinics to receive our new reports before we deploy them to our entire client base.

While we have tested the results extensively in house for accuracy, we expect that there may be minor deviations in a live environment. This is the reason we are conducting a Beta launch of this service to a limited number of users.

We believe that you will find the reports informative and useful in understanding all the work we do in the background to ensure your clinic’s IT infrastructure is properly maintained and protected. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on these reports and any questions or suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact our Network Operations Team at

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