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BlueBird Recommends: MD Agility

BlueBird Recommends: Off-site Medical Office Administration Service – An Innovative Solution to Optimize your Practice

Many clinics face the challenges of overworked administration staff, long hold times for patients when they call into the clinic, a backlog of various admin tasks such as fax and referral management. Clinics are also facing the challenge of frequent turnover and difficulty recruiting admin staff who are the right fit. These challenges negatively affect clinic workflow, team work and delivery of health care leading to decreased efficiencies.

With the advent of Electronic Medical Records, and other technical advances, clinics now have an innovative option of using MD Agility’s off-site medical office administration services to streamline and optimize their office workflow as well as cut down on costs.

These services are easy to implement in your clinic since MD Agility creates a custom solution specifically for your practice and takes care of all the ground work. Your telephone number and existing set up remains the same. Incoming calls are routed to MD Agility’s off-site admin service. Well trained, professional and courteous medical admin staff at MD Agility answer the call, and with secure remote access to your EMR, directly book patients and carry out other admin work in real time. Every single call is answered promptly even during the busiest times which significantly improves patients’ access to your clinic.

In addition to answering incoming calls, MD Agility can also manage incoming faxes, patient referrals, appointment reminders and other admin tasks. A customized clinic protocol is created in consultation with you and strictly followed by your dedicated off-site front desk team. There are customized service options which MD Agility creates for each clinic to suit the clinic needs.

Some doctors and clinic managers are initially apprehensive that the “personal” touch may be lost by using these services. At MD Agility, a dedicated team of admin staff is assigned to your clinic. They quickly get to know your patients and the nuances of your practice and the personal touch is maintained. Surveys conducted on patients after 60 days of initiating the service concluded that over 90% of them are highly satisfied that they can promptly get through to the clinic and their concerns are dealt with a caring and sincere fashion.

Here is what one of your colleagues had to say about MD Agility’s service:

“I am a family physician for the last 30 years. I am fortunate enough to have dedicated receptionists who have worked hard all these years. We had tried many different ways throughout the years to tame and handle the volume of calls with no success.

MD agility literally breathes new life to the daily operation of the clinic. MD Agility knows the work of a busy clinic, and they took time to customize the operation to suit my clinic needs. All of their medical admin’s are well-received and trained to do the work thoroughly. It frees my front-line receptionists to do other MOA work inherent in any practice. Work gets done efficiently; patients’ complaints about busy phone lines have decreased significantly.

My clinic cannot imagine going back to the older way.”

You can find out more about this service by visiting or calling 416-792-8229.

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