• By Paul Reckas, COO

Help us help you! 5 tips for getting the most out of BlueBird support!

Our team takes pride in delivering the best support possible to you with speed and efficiency! There are times however that it becomes challenging to deliver the level of service that you deserve. The following tips will help us help you

Changing Internet Service Providers (ISP) If you have decided to change your internet provider, please let BlueBird and you EMR provider know well in advance. This will allow us and/or your EMR provider to schedule a technician to come onsite and re-set your hardware to operate with the new ISP provider. Failure to do so may cause your network to fail.

Moving to a new location Moving to a new location is an exciting endeavor but it can also be quite stressful getting everything organized while at the same time looking after your patients. We strongly recommend letting us know at least two to three weeks in advance. Although we cannot help you with the physical move this will allow us to ensure we have technicians available to help you reconnect your equipment.

If the location is being renovated before your move, we can also work with your contractors to ensure wiring exists to support your network.

Purchasing equipment Please contact us before adding computer equipment and/or peripherals to your network even if you decide not to purchase from BlueBird. There are technical details that can be easily overlooked that can cause performance issues with your network, EMR, and other peripherals. We have witnessed too many cases where our clients thought they were getting a bargain only to end up having the savings wiped away due to the problems they had to deal with.

Calling specific techs Please call the Help Desk directly instead of calling a specific technician on their line or mobile phone number. The technician you are trying to reach may be on a lengthy support call or out of the office on an assignment, thus he will not be able to assist you in a timely manner. We always have technicians available to assist you when needed.

Emailing support requests Email is a great way to submit a support request. Please make sure you use the support@bluebirdinc.com address only. Emails to this address automatically create a request in the support queue which is constantly monitored by our team. This will allow us to respond to your support request in a timely manner.



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