• Paul Reckas

BlueBird Computer Tips & Tricks: 5 Easy Internet Browser Shortcuts

Make your browsing experience a breeze by using some common keyboard shortcuts!

  • If you want to reload a web page press the F5 function key or click simultaneously the CTRL + R keys.

  • Is the text of a page too small (or too large) to read? Simply press the CTRL key and the + or – keys to increase or decrease the size accordingly. If you want to revert the text back to its original size just click CTRL and 0 at the same time!

  • To go to a previous page you can simply press the backspace key.

  • Press the F11 key to view your browser in full screen! Press the F11 key once more to return the browser window back to normal.

  • Looking for a specific string of text on a webpage? Click CTRL and F to bring up the search box for that page.

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