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Protect Yourself While Downloading and File Sharing

Being able to share and download files, such as documents, programs, pictures, music and movies is one of the most appreciated aspects of the Internet. And while there are many large retail sites that offer paid downloads, many users are also sharing files between one another.

There are many different ways to share files between users, such as email and using peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing.

When it comes to downloading files in the more traditional sense or using a service like P2P sharing, there are risks to be aware of, including copyright infringement, expensive lawsuits, and potential criminal consequences.

  • Whenever you download files off the Internet, you must use caution and ensure that you are getting them from a trusted source.

  • Always use your antivirus software to scan files you download.

  • If you are using an additional piece of software to download files (such as P2P), make sure you get software you trust and be extra careful not to install the adware that often comes packaged with it.

  • Be aware of what you are downloading and sharing as there are potential criminal consequences to copyright infringement.

  • You must keep all your security measures and OS (operating system) regularly updated and enabled when file sharing. Run your anti-virus and anti-spyware often and use them to scrutinize all downloaded files before you open them. Delete dangerous files and malware immediately.

  • File sharing may require you to open your firewall to allow access. To lessen your chances of being hacked, always keep your firewall enabled and as up to date as possible.

Republished with the permission of CCIRC “GetCyberSafe.ca

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