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BlueBird partners with the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre!

In our continuous effort to be one step ahead of the “bad guys” and protect our clients’ networks and data from cyber-attacks, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC).

What is the CCIRC?

“CCIRC is Canada’s national cyber security incident response team (CSIRT) responsible for reducing the cyber risks faced by Canada’s key systems and services. These systems, such as banks, hospitals or phone service providers, are known as critical infrastructure.

CCIRC also serves as a single point of contact for owners and operators of critical infrastructure to report cyber incidents to the Government of Canada. CCIRC also has a mandate to coordinate the national response to significant cyber incidents. Lastly, CCIRC works in concert with several other government departments to ensure the safety of systems both within and outside of the federal government, though Shared Services Canada has the mandate to respond to cyber incidents affecting Government of Canada systems.”

How does this affect BlueBird and you?

Our partnership with CCIRC is an information sharing and collaboration program with the ultimate goal to protect Canadians and critical infrastructure such as health care from cybercriminals. CCIRC will provide us with technical advice, and performs malware analysis and forensics. In addition to its own expertise, CCIRC can draw on broader Government expertise and resources to help develop timely mitigation and recovery advice. Furthermore, they will be providing us with tools and information that will help increase our security processes and protocols to safeguard YOUR data!

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