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Get the Most Out of BlueBird Support

Get the most out of your BlueBird support call or email

When you want to contact our support team via email or phone, there are a few things you can do to help our techs solve your issue faster:

  1. Please have the computer number you are calling with an issue available for the tech. You can find the BlueBird asset tag label usually on the top right hand corner of the computer.

  2. Please be next to the equipment you are calling support for (i.e. your workstation computer or printer). Our technician may require you to access the equipment on your behalf.

  3. Make sure you have at least 15-20 minutes of time available when calling our help desk. This will allow our techs to trouble shoot with you the issue while you are available and gather all the information needed to resolve your issue.

  4. Keep the number of the ticket provided by the tech and his name in case you need to call back and get in touch with him.

  5. Avoid asking for a specific tech when calling in unless that tech is already working on an issue for you. That tech may be involved on a lengthy call or even out of the office for onsite support and may not be able to help you.

Let us know we are doing! Send us an email or just click on the link provided with the Closed Ticket confirmation email to fill out a very short survey! We want to hear from you whether it is positive or negative feedback!

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