• Paul Reckas

BlueBird Tips & Tricks: 5 Computer Cleaning Tips

Keeping your computer clean can help improve performance of your machine, reduce possible problems, and .. well … look better!

  1. Never spray liquids on your computer and its external components to clean it. Instead lightly dampen a cloth with water or alcohol and wipe gently. You should never use a cloth to clean any internal circuitry.

  2. You should NEVER use a vacuum inside or near the computer. It causes static electricity which can damage its components.

  3. Remember to turn off your computer when you are cleaning it.

  4. Fans collect a lot of dust preventing them from spinning and causing your computer to overheat. A great method of cleaning the fan is to use a can of compressed air to spray the dust away. You can find this at most computer or electronics stores.

  5. If you are trying to clean some hard to reach parts of your keyboard or mouse, cotton swabs dampened with alcohol are excellent tools to achieve this. Alternatively you can turn the keyboard upside down and gently shake and tap the back.



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