• By Paul Reckas

BlueBird Tips & Tricks:  8 Keyboard shortcuts to enhance your productivity

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

This month we would like to share with you some nifty little tips and tricks about your keyboard that can help you improve your productivity and simplify some common repetitive tasks.

  1. Press the Control (Ctrl) and C or Control (Ctrl) and Insert keys simultaneously will automatically copy a highlighted or selected item on your screen. If you want to cut the item instead of copying it, then press the Control (Ctrl) and X keys simultaneously.

  2. So now that you have cut or copied your item using tip #1 you may be wondering how do you paste it back into a document? Move the cursor to the point where you want to insert your copied or cut item and press the Control(Ctrl) and V or Shift and Insert keys and voila!

  3. To quickly undo changes you have made press Control(Ctrl) and Z simultaneously. For example, if you have deleted a sentence, this action will undo this action and bring it back. If you change your mind again, the you can simply press Control(Ctrl) and Y to undo the undo action!

  4. Are you one of those people who are working concurrently on 10 different things at once and have a number of windows open on your computer? Press and hold on the Alt key and then press the Tab key to highlight each program and select the one you want to work on.

  5. If you are working on a document (also valid for most programs) pressing Control(Ctrl) and S will save that file. Saving often is a good habit to develop, especially if you are working on an important document or file.

  6. Are you on a long document and want to get to get back to the top? Simply press the Control(Ctrl) and Home keys to go to the beginning or Control(Ctrl) and End to reach the end of the document. This works with most word processing programs and webpages.

  7. If you are looking to find an item in any program that has a Find feature (Word processor or browser are good examples) then simply press Control(Ctrl) and F simultaneously. This will open the Find feature.

  8. A quick way to see a print preview of the document you are working on is to press the Control(Ctrl) and P keys at the same time. This will open the print preview window of the program you are working with.




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