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What is happening in the background?

Our tech support team is committed in keeping your hardware up and running at all times. This means a lot of our work is completed quietly in the background and often goes unnoticed. Starting this month, all of our clients who are subscribed to our managed services support will be able to view all of the actions and maintenance work we are doing in the background through the BlueBird support portal.

Our remote monitoring and management software solution (also known as RMM) is constantly monitoring your network workstations and servers. Each time there is a need for an action such as installing updates, updating your virus definitions, or noticing a potential issue our system will automatically send an alert in the form of a support ticket to our Service Desk. Some easy to fix tickets, such as installing a software update, are handled and closed automatically, while other more complex items, such as running out of storage space on your server are handled by our Technical Support Analysts in person.

To view your support tickets or to submit a request for assistance please visit our support portal at http://support.bluebirdinc.com. If you have not received a password from BlueBird, please contact us for further assistance.

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