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Did you know these simple computer mouse tricks?

Did you know you can do a lot more with your computer mouse than just select and click items on your screen? We have put together a list of “tricks” you can do with your mouse that can make your life much easier when using your computer:

  • Click and Shift: Highlight text from a webpage or word processing application by clicking the left mouse button at the position where you want to start highlighting the text, then pressing and holding the Shift key on your keyboard, and then clicking at the end of the text section you want to highlight.

  • Double-click to highlight a word: You can easily select and highlight a word by double-clicking on it.

  • Triple click to select a paragraph: Do you want to highlight a sentence or paragraph? Just triple-click fast on any word and you are done!

  • Windows resizing: Double click on a window’s title bar to maximize the window size. Double click on a maximized window to automatically resize it to a smaller window.

  • The scroll wheel: The scroll wheel can do a lot more than just scroll a page up and down:

  • Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key while scrolling the wheel to zoom in and out of the document, web page, or any other application you are using.

  • The scroll wheel can be used as a 3rd mouse button. Click on a link to open a new webpage on a new tab!

  • Mouse side buttons: Some mice come with additional side buttons. If you are browsing a web-page, by default, clicking the side button will take you back to the previous web page you were browsing. These buttons are usually programmable and you can select to choose different actions to be performed.



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