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Top 5 reasons your computer is running slow.

One very common call we get to our Help Desk is “Why is my computer running so slow?” The truth is, there are a number of reasons that will cause a computer to underperform. We have listed below some of the most common issues along with some tips on what you can do to help remedy the problem.

  • Your computer is infected by malware or viruses - This is one of the most common reasons affecting the performance of a computer which can also impact your EMR speeds, especially if you are running an ASP solution. To avoid malware or viruses please avoid the following:

  • Opening emails attachments from unknown sources

  • Visiting dubious websites

  • Downloading software and files from unknown websites and sources

  • Too many programs are running at the same time - It is very common for users in busy locations to be running many computer applications at once. Often, some of those applications are running in the background even if you cannot see them. The more programs your run, the more resources your computer will need to use to run them. It is recommended you close programs you are not using or even uninstall such items.

  • Downloading or streaming data - You may be experiencing very slow internet speeds on your network, especially if you are using wireless access, even though your other program are running full speed. In this case check if anyone in your office is streaming videos on YouTube, downloading large files, or listening to music through the web, or even playing online games. Such activities take up “bandwidth” thus slowing down everyone’s access to the internet. If possible please ask from your co-workers to refrain from such activities.

  • Customization options – Some customization options such as high resolution background images for your desktop or fancy mouse pointers can cause your computer to slow down. These items take up memory that could have otherwise be used for more important tasks such as running your EMR.

  • Your computer barely meets your EMR provider’s minimum requirements – EMRs have a list of minimum requirements for the computers running their software such as RAM memory, processing speed, hard drive space, and operating system version (ie Windows 7). These are the absolute minimums for your computer to run your EMR. Over time though, as you install other applications on your computer, your EMR upgrades its software, and your store more and more files, those minimum requirements are not enough to cover your processing needs. If you are installing an EMR for the first time make sure you install your EMR on a computer that exceeds those minimum requirements to ensure more years of use out of it.

If you are still experiencing performance issues with your computer or overall network please do not hesitate to call our Help Desk for assistance at 416 931 2121 Ext..1 Our techs will remotely trouble shoot and resolve the issue for you.

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