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Help us help you!

Our Help Desk team receives numerous support tickets daily ranging from simple questions to complicated “breaks” requiring an urgent response. On most simple questions a quick description will suffice but for more complex problems, we will need more information from you. Submitting clear, detailed, and accurate support tickets will enable your BlueBird Help Desk team to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to resolve your issue.

Let’s help each other! Following are some helpful tips from our Help Desk team that will allow them to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently:

  1. Provide your computer name if applicable:

  • Click the Start button on your windows (for PC)

  • Select Computer from the available options

  • Your computer name will be on the lower left corner of the window that will open.

  1. Keep it short and sweet. While details are good, too much information will take longer to read and determine what the problem is.

  2. Note the time and date the issue occurred. If you do not remember the exact time a range can be very helpful ie 10am – 11am. This can really help our support technicians when reviewing your computer logs to try to determine the cause of the problem.

  3. When writing the description of the issue you are experiencing, here are some things we would like to know that would help us solve the problem:

  • What were you doing when the issue appeared? If possible, please explain your steps on how you reached your problem so our tech can replicate them when attempting to find the cause of your issue.

  • Did you try to solve the problem on your own? If yes, please tell us the steps you took and the results ie Printer is not working. I turned it on and off, checked for paper-jam, checked the ink levels, and still not printing.

  • Is this a new issue?

  • Has it happened before?

  • Is it an isolated incident i.e. only on a specific computer or is it affecting other users as well?

  • Is this related to your EMR?

  • Have you added any equipment or made any changes to your network (ie changing internet service provider)?

  • Was there an error message? Please provide the error message verbatim and what you were trying to do before the message appeared.

  1. If you are a monthly support client please make sure you have the “LogMe In” client installed. If you do not have it installed or cannot find the client icon please call our Help Desk for assistance.

  2. Provide us with a direct phone number or extension to reach you. Often our techs will need to call you and they get trapped in your clinic’s IVR phone system thus delaying the resolution of your issue

  3. Please avoid entering multiple tickets for the same issue. This will only slow us down in responding to your tickets while bogging down out ticketing system.

  4. It is best to send a separate ticket for each issue than one ticket with multiple issues. This way the tickets can be disbursed to multiple techs and handled much quicker than one tech handling one complicated ticket with many parts.

Here is an example of two ways of reporting a printer issue demonstrating how you can help us help you:

Ticket: Help! I cannot print.

Too vague. Our tech will not not know where to start from. Will most likely go through many tests to figure out what the problem is and will have to call you to get more answers. Most likely will spend a lot of time before he reaches a solution.

Alternate way of submitting ticket: Help! The printer connected to computer exam-room3 is not printing. I tried to print a document from our EMR but nothing happened. I checked the USB cable connection, the paper tray, and ink cartridge and all seems to be in order. I even turned the printer on and off but still not printing. Never had a problem with this printer before. Please call me at ext 301 if you need further details.

The tech has a lot of information to get started. As you have already done some

troubleshooting on your own he can avoid those steps. He knows which computer he needs to log on to troublesoot the issue on and he knows it is EMR related so he most likely can solve the problem right away. Finally he can reach you directly if needed at your extension number so he does not have to go through your IVR or a receptionist to find you thus saving lots of valuable time.

How to reach our Help Desk

Online Support

Submit your question or issue with just a couple of clicks through our online ticket system. Using the on-line system speeds response times by logging tickets to manage and track support issues. On-line access is available from any computer, any time – day or night!

To create a ticket online just go to

All tickets are forwarded to Support Representatives who triage and prioritize all requests. Depending on the nature and urgency of the issue, you may be contacted to provide additional information.

Telephone Support

If you need to call in an issue or you need to order a new product or peripheral just dial: 416.931.2121 Ext.1

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