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Changing your Internet Service Provider or Modem?

Call BlueBird first to avoid downtime!

If you are planning to switch your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your current modem, it is imperative you contact us first, especially if you are running an ASP solution. This also applies if you are upgrading you Internet Service package. Your modem is setup to allow interoperability with your EMR provider. Any changes to the modem settings will render your EMR or some of its features inoperable.

By calling BlueBird ahead of time, we can schedule one of our technicians to be available for you on the day you are scheduled to change your ISP or install a new modem. Our technician will guide the ISP’s technician to properly set your new modem’s settings so that you do not experience any EMR downtime.

If you need assistance with this you can submit a ticket on-line at or you can call us at (416) 931 2121 ext.1

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