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Important Security Update: BlueBird GFI Managed Antivirus Protection


We have recently noticed an increase in online malware attacks and virus threats which affects the security and overall performance of computers and networks. Our team has extensively researched and studied how these viruses and malware managed to “sneak in.” We discovered that a number of clinic employees had visited dangerous websites or inadvertently opened emails containing viruses. This led us to the conclusion that the best way to protect our clients was to deploy a Managed Antivirus Protection solution. Such a solution would allow BlueBird to prevent users from accessing such sites and emails. After considerable evaluation of various vendor solutions we reached to the conclusion that GFI is the one that stands out above the competition.

We engaged the team at GFI and informed them of BlueBird’s desire to begin implementing their product to our roster of clients. Furthermore, based on our business volume, we negotiated very competitive pricing for our clients. An agreement was made and we are now pleased to announce our partnership with GFI security enabling us to bring to you a new level of protection for your clinics.

As this new application will be a paid addition, BlueBird will not automatically install this platform without prior consent from our clients. We will however, be reaching out to you individually to discuss this as an option. We have already began implementing GFI Managed Antivirus Protection at a number of our clinics with great success.

Note: We can also install GFI on your personnel devices for added home security and peace of mind

If you are an existing customer and want more information about BlueBird Managed Antivirus Protection service please contact us at 416 931 2121 or send us an email at

There are two service packages available to choose from:

Managed Security Antivirus Service

We will safeguard your network and computers against online threats through an optimized antivirus and anti-spyware tool that will keep you protected against viruses, spyware and other malware. All updates and scans will be performed automatically and you will not have to worry about anyone postponing or ignoring them as they will be managed by BlueBird!

Some basic features include:

  • GFI Managed Antivirus Protection

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Protection for data, applications and software

  • Safeguards against viruses, malware, password theft, and other malicious activities

  • GFI does not tax your computer and network resources. There will not be any performance issues. This is true even during scans and updates!

Advanced Managed Security Antivirus

In addition to the security features above, we have more control over what users can see or not see online. You can restrict employee access to social media pages, or pages known to disseminate malware. This way we can ensure your team stays productive while at the same time protecting your network by inadvertently downloading harmful software from suspect sites.

How is this better than installing an off-the-shelf antivirus or a free solution?

For any anti-virus program to work efficiently and effectively it is important that it is properly managed on every computer of your network. New viruses and malignant software appear constantly. This means that each and every computer user must make sure that all virus definitions are up to date and scans are performed on a frequent and regular basis. What we have found however is that many employees either ignore updates, postpone or cancel scans, or even disable them because they are too busy to bother or not aware of their importance. With a managed solution, all this is taken care of by BlueBird staff.

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