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What we do

We understand that you want to focus on your patients, not your computer systems.  We’re here to give you the peace of mind that everything will work seamlessly while you’re dealing with important issues.  For us, it’s about building personal relationships from the first conversation.


BlueBird IT Solutions offers a full range of services to cover your medical practice’s technology needs.  Whether you’re planning to adopt an EMR, refresh your existing computer systems, or just need help managing your network — we’re here to help.


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BlueBird News 
Myth vs Reality: eMail Security

Published: December 14, 2023


Myth: “I don’t need to worry about email. I got an antivirus program to protect me.”


Reality: “Do not take your email security for granted! Did you know that over 90% of cyber-attacks are delivered by email? While antivirus technology has come a long way, hackers still rely on “social-engineering” to exploit human behavior to access your data.”


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